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Sep 20

NAMI 5K Run/Walk in Batavia

Posted on September 20, 2018 at 11:27 AM by Christopher Cudworth

nami 5K
The NAMI 5K Run/Walk in Batavia has been a successful event held in the City of Batavia for more than ten years. Entrance fees and sponsorship through the race have raised thousands of dollars to support mental health services provided by the NAMI Kane-Dekalb-Kendall county chapter.  The event this year begins as always on River Street in downtown Batavia, circles through Fabyan Forest Preserve and back on the bike trail system. Entry fees are $35 Online Pre-registration (closes Thursday, October 5 at Noon CST) but race day registration is available for $40. Visit nami5K.com/register to enter.

The funds raised provide immediate impact in local communities. NAMI Executive Director Carol Speckmann shared one recent success story from the organization.

“We started a new support group this past February in Batavia. From an initial group of three that support group has grown to thirteen people. The reason these groups are so important is that it really helps to relate to people that understand the needs of someone caring for those living with a mental health condition. There’s so much to figure out on your own, and it is vital to find a place to get advice and perspective without the judgment or the stigma that too often go along with mental health conditions.”

NAMI KDK serves individuals (0-99) with mental health conditions through support services, advocacy, and referrals from their help line; family members and caregivers of individuals living with a mental health condition through support groups, education classes, and referrals from their help line; as well as local high school students through NAMI Ending the Silence programs throughout Kane-south, DeKalb, and Kendall Counties

NAMI KDK does not charge families, individuals, or schools for any services, classes, or programs because they feel that it is important to provide mental health resources to the community, especially for families in crisis, and middle and high school students who can be instrumental in spotting early signs of mental health conditions in their friends and family members given the appropriate information. NAMI greatly depends on the generosity of our community to support programming for so many affected by mental health disorders in our community.

Just as importantly, NAMI has been an advocate for training law enforcement agencies and personnel on handling mental crises and incidents in the community. As shared by Deputy Police Chief of Operation Glenn Autenreith, “All officers in Patrol and Investigations will go through a 40 hour training course on mental health assessment and crisis de-escalation techniques that will enhance our officer’s abilities to understand and assist individual(s) in crisis and make appropriate mental health referrals to appropriate local, county and state resources. Our department currently has 23 Officers that are certified as “Crisis Intervention Team” (CIT) Officers.”

He continues, “The 40 hr. state certified training for Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), is currently being sponsored by The Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office / The Kane County Sheriff’s Department and Northeast Multi-Regional Training Mobile Training Unit for Northern Illinois.  Our department continues to work closely with Association for Individual Development (AID)/Senior Services in Aurora as another great resource to assist officers in the field.  AID counselors are a great resource that Officers frequently will make referrals to assist Batavia residents that might have developmental, physical, intellectual and/or mental health challenges, to include those who have suffered a trauma or to address those at risk.”

This intersection of advocacy and implementation is critical to the community at large. In 2017, NAMI KDK served approximately 2,000 individuals through various programs including: 1,796 high school students through the Ending the Silence programs, 12 individuals through intensive education classes, 23 individual and family members during support groups, 29 community members and other mental health professionals through our outreach and advocacy efforts, and approximately 146 individuals through their direct helpline (630-896-6264). 

While NAMI does not provide counseling services for individuals seeking support, its help line

does assist in matching local services to individual caller needs. They stress that people in crisis, having suicidal ideations or medical emergencies should call 9-1-1 or the National Suicide Prevention Life Line at 1-800-273-8255.

It raises money for the NAMINAMI KDK to help others in our surrounding community who are impacted by mental health conditions. If you cannot participate, but would still like to show support for NAMI KDK, please consider making a donation to NAMI KDK.

For additional information, contact Carol Speckmann at executivedirector@namikdk.org 




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