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Committee of the Whole Agenda
Tuesday, February 1, 2022
7:00 PM  Council Chambers 1st Floor

Hybrid Meeting

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Roll Call


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Items Removed/Added/Changed


Matters from the Public (For Items NOT on Agenda)


Consent Agenda:

(The consent agenda is made up of items recommended by city staff that require recommendation to the full City Council by the Cow. This agenda is placed as a separate item of the COW agenda. The items on the consent agenda are usually minor items, already budgeted, standard non-policy activities or outgrowths of earlier meetings and are voted on as a “package” in the interest of saving time on non-controversial issues. However, any council member may, by simple request, have an item removed and placed on the “regular” agenda.).

a.  Approval: COW Executive Session Minutes October 19, 2021

b.  Resolution 22-019-R:   Authorizing execution of a one-year renewable contract with W.A. Management, Inc. for 2022 East Side Property Maintenance (SH 1/25/22) 


Approval: Class D-1 (Restaurant-All Liquor) Liquor License Application for Mirus, LLC, Located at 15 E. Wilson Street, Batavia (DE 1/27/22) CS


Approval: Class D-1 (Restaurant-All Liquor) Liquor License Application for Conde Corporation, dba Taco Grill and Salsa Bar, Located at 107 N. Batavia Avenue, Batavia (DE 1/27/22) CS


Ordinance 22-06: Proposing the Establishment of Special Service Area Number 67 Kirkland Chase Phase Three, Wind Energy Pass and Wagner Road (JLS 1/27/22) CD


Resolution 22-013-R: Authorizing Task Order #2 with V3 for Carriage Crest Alternatives Analysis & Final Engineering for an amount not-to-exceed $157,769.00 (AMP 1/20/22) CS


Resolution 22-014-R: Authorizing Execution of a Contract with V3 Construction Group, Ltd. For the Mahoney Creek Tributary Detention Construction in the amount not-to-exceed $765,930.00 (AMP 1/20/22) CS


Resolution 22-015-R: Authorizing Execution of Task Order #9 with Baxter & Woodman for the Mahoney Creek Tributary Detention Construction Engineering Services in the amount not-to-exceed $57,300.00 (AMP 1/20/22)


Resolution 22-016-R: Authorizing Execution Task Order #8 with Baxter & Woodman, Inc. for the GIS/GPS Stormwater Utility Field Data Collection in the amount not-to-exceed $49,632.00 (AMP 1/20/22) CS


Resolution 22-017-R: Authorizing Execution of a Contract with Encap, Inc. for the 2022 Annual Maintenance of Naturalized Drainage Areas in the amount not-to-exceed $67,040.00 (AMP 1/20/22) CS


Resolution 22-018-R: Authorizing a Master Services Agreement with H.W. Lochner, Inc. to provide Structural Engineering Services. (TFG 1/26/2022) CS


Resolution 22-021-R: Approving an Amendment to the Pole Attachment Agreement with ComED to reduce the annual fee for each power supply attached to ComED owned poles (RB 1/28/22) PU


Discussion: Customer Self-Generation and Net Billing DRAFT Policy (GH 1/28/22)


Project Status




Executive Session:

a. Setting the Price of Land for Sale (SCB)

b. Personnel