New Downtown Plan/Houseal Lavigne Services


Following the developer's withdrawal of the One Washington Place project, the Batavia City Council prioritized a new plan to fully study downtown Batavia and determine the best direction for development. City staff recommended the City hire the consulting firm Houseal Lavigne for professional planning services. 

Project budget

The initial project budget as approved for the 2022 Fiscal Year was $120,000. At the April 26, 2022 Committee of the Whole meeting, the proposed budget exclusive of optional add-on tasks was $128,480. There was consensus that Council would like to see the proposal include the optional Downtown Design Guidelines ($15,000) and the optional interactive web-based Downtown StoryMap feature ($7,000) so the proposed contract has been revised and the proposed contract amount is now $150,980.

The additional $30,980 over the 2022 budgeted amount of $120,000 will need to come from TIF increment and/or General Funds. There is also a possibility that the project and/or invoices for payment due may roll into the 2023 budget year and could be budgeted for in part when the process of preparing next year’s budget begins. Otherwise, it would be necessary to complete a budget amendment to allocate the additional funds beyond the originally budgeted amount.

Proposed agreement

The Houseal Lavigne Professional Service Agreement (PDF)