Home Rule

A petition has been filed with the City Clerk to put the following question on the November 6, 2018 ballot: 

“Shall the City of Batavia cease to be a home rule unit?” 

A YES Vote will remove Home Rule Authority

A NO Vote will retain Home Rule Authority

The City may not use public resources either to advocate for or against this proposition, but we want to make every effort to provide voters with factual information so that they may make an informed decision. 

Peggy Colby PresentationOn Tuesday, August 7, 2018, Finance Director, Peggy Colby, gave the Mid-year Financial report for the City of Batavia Committee of the Whole. 

In her segment of the meeting (beginning at 1:08) she enumerated general fund revenues that are attributable to the City’s home rule status and gave a history of property tax increases before and after home rule was adopted. She also listed some of the benefits of being a home rule unit.

Mid Year Financial Report in PDF.