Value, Vision and Mission Statements

City of Batavia
Values, Vision and Mission Statements

Values Statement:

We value the diversity, productivity and innovation of our residents and the contributions
they make to our community.

We value friendliness and caring in creating a sense of community, quality of life and hometown atmosphere.

We value a commitment to continually improve the quality, reliability and affordability of city services.We value the preservation of our
historical character while seeking to develop growth and prosperity.

We value the stewardship of our natural environment through the protection and conservation
of natural resources.

We value honesty and integrity in all that we say and do.

Vision Statement:

The vision for the City of Batavia is to be the most vibrant and welcoming community for
our residents and visitors with a full range of housing, business, cultural and recreational
opportunities in a safe, sustainable and attractive environment.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the City of Batavia is to continually enhance the quality of life enjoyed within
our community through the development and delivery of reliable and efficient municipal