Billing & Payment

Direct Payment Program - Free Auto Pay Service from Checking or Savings (ACH)

The City has always offered the option of auto payment through the City for free.  This service is not the same as using Auto Pay through Paymentus that charges a fee for this service.  Enroll in our Direct Payment Program (PDF), and your monthly utility billing amount will be deducted from your checking or savings account automatically on the due date. You’ll never miss a payment. Of course, we’ll still send you a monthly statement so you can keep your records up to date. You can also set up an account with Paymentus to view your bills, sign up for billing notifications  and/or sign up for paperless billing.  For more information please call the Utility Billing Department at 630-454-2020.

Note:  Please do not email your information, as email is not encrypted. Please drop off your application in person, in one of the City’s drop boxes or mail it via regular mail. You may also fax your application to 630-454-2001.

Paymentus Customer Portal for Viewing Bills and Credit Card or eCheck Payments

The City of Batavia is partnering with Paymentus Corporation to provide customers with one system to view and/or  pay your utility bill. You will be able to see past bills and any payments made through the system. The new platform can provide bill issuance and bill payment notices via email or text message (SMS). You will need to do a one time set up with them to get started. You can then choose to be notified when your bill is ready.  You can add a payment method for convenience but you don't have to use the system to make payments if you prefer to pay another way. The City encourages all customers to set up an account and take advantage of viewing your bills, signing up for paperless billing and/or choosing email or text notifications.  

We recommend that you do not use Paymentus for Auto Pay from your checking or savings account because the City already offers this service for free - see Direct Payment Program above.  If you are already an Auto Pay customer DO NOT set it up again through Paymentus or you will create a duplicate payment.  Please call if you are uncertain of your set up.  Auto Pay through Paymentus is a good option if you prefer to pay with a credit card. 

Go to the Paymentus Customer Portal    

Paymentus Bill Payment Service – FAQ

Instructions for Getting Started with the Paymentus Customer Portal

Pay by Mail, in Person or by Phone

If you prefer the more traditional way of paying your bill, make sure you include the bill stub and write your account number on your check. Mail or stop in Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at:
City of Batavia
100 N Island Avenue
Batavia, IL 60510

We also have 2 drop boxes for your convenience. The first is located in our west parking lot across from the Peg Bond Center. Payments dropped there are picked up daily at 8 a.m. The second box is located at 433 East Wilson Street - on the north side of Wilson just east of Prairie Street. The box is labeled "City of Batavia Payments Only" and payments are picked up Monday through Friday at 7:30 a.m.

To pay by phone please call Paymentus at: 1-833-367-4337

Budget Billing Program

Does your utility bill vary from month to month or from season to season? Then consider our Budget Billing Program and spread your utility costs evenly throughout the year. You’ll pay the same amount each month based on your prior 12-month billing cycle. Adjustments will be made twice a year. You can combine this option with the direct payment program to make it even easier - have the same amount deducted from your account each month. To join please call the Utility Billing Department at 630-454-2020.

More Information

We’re available to answer any questions about your bill or help you with the options mentioned Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can also call our staff at 630-454-2020.