The Batavia Protector

The Batavia Protector stands at the front entrance of the Batavia Police Department's headquarters. The sculpture symbolizes the commitment of this city's law enforcement officers to protect our community. The Batavia Protector is a 2/3 life-size bronze sculpture depicting a Batavia Police officer holding the hand of a young boy who looks up confidently and admiringly at the officer.

The statue, made by nationally known artist Roger Brodin, was financed through an ambitious fund-raising campaign carried out by spouses and co-workers of Batavia Police Officers. The campaign met with an enthusiastic response from the community. Residents, businesses, and community groups donated money and services to make the sculpture a reality.

The sculpture, mounted on a stone pedestal, was dedicated on May 18, 1997. It honors all Batavia Police officers, past, present, and future, and demonstrates the value the community places on their service.

Batavia Protector
Batavia Protector Plaque