Tree Commission

The Tree Commission shall advise and consult the City Services Committee on any matter pertaining to Ordinance 13-22 and its enforcement. Members serve 4-year terms and are appointed by the Mayor. There are two members are employed by the City: the Director of Public Works and the Street Superintendent. The other five members are appointed by the Mayor. These volunteer members must reside in Batavia, must not be employed by the city.


  • Scott Haines, Street Superintendent (Chairman)
  • Anna Bakker
  • Dr. Bob Burtch
  • Gary Holm, Director of Public Works
  • Robert Lootens
  • Kevin Summers
  • Kathy Vranek
  • Frank Saupp, City Arborist (non-voting)
  • Kathy Montanari, Recording Secretary (non-voting)