Garbage, Recycling, & Yard Waste Collection

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Effective March 23, 2020, Advanced Disposal implementing the following changes to its collection service:

· All trash/refuse and recycling must be placed in the company designated cart or a can with handles ONLY if you do not have a cart. Loose items outside of the container will not be collected. 

· All bulky item pickup/collection is suspended until further notice. 

· At this time, yard waste service is unaffected by the changes; however, we do anticipate potential changes to this program as well. 

· If you utilize the sticker program, we will continue to pick up items that are bagged. We anticipate that this may change as well. If possible, please place these items in a container and place the sticker on the handle of the container.

The City of Batavia’s website has an up-to-date listing of the various locations where stickers are currently available.  Advanced Disposal (630-587-8282) is now taking orders by phone for stickers and half bags (M-F, 8-5) and mailing items to residents (payment through credit and debit cards only).


Advanced Disposal provides weekly garbage/refuse and recycling collection for City of Batavia’s residents.

Advanced Disposal will accept use of the lavender stickers that expired on June 30, 2018 beyond the expiration date. The current stickers are red and available from local vendors, as well as the Utility Billing Office at City Hall, 100 N. Island Avenue, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. To report missed pickups, please contact Advanced Disposal at 630-587-8282. If Advanced Disposal does not resolve your issue to your satisfaction or if you have any questions, please contact Public Properties & Services Division at 630-454-2400.