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The City of Batavia hosts some of the world’s leading companies in commercial, industrial, retail, manufacturing and distribution.

Batavia’s location two miles north of the I-88 corridor and 35 miles west of Chicago is ideal for a diverse business base.  Leading manufacturers and distributors such as Suncast, Flinn Scientific and Flagsource all base operations in Batavia, which also serves as world headquarters for Aldi, Inc. with more than 9,000 stores in the United States.

The primary contact for Economic Development in the City of Batavia is Christopher Aiston, who works with businesses large and small to find the ideal location for commercial, industrial or retail enterprise.

Three of us on stairs (BEST)For business support and advocacy across the spectrum of retail, commercial and industrial needs,, contact the Batavia Chamber of Commerce at 630-879-7134.


For Downtown Batavia business connections, sponsorships and community events, Batavia Mainstreet  is your resource 630-761-3528

Batavia is known for its diverse workforce and its business-friendly environment. The Batavia Chamber of Commerce and Batavia Mainstreet organizations provide award-winning services and offer connections through networking and events to a vibrant business and residential community. 

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Batavia’s commercial and retail district occupies more than 1.5M square feet of leased and available retail space. From its historic downtown to its growth-focused Randall Road corridor, Batavia hosts well-known service brands ranging from Panera Bread to Trader Joe’s. Its big box retailers include Walmart, Jewel/Osco, Office Max/Depot, Hobby Lobby and Menard’s. This makes for a diverse and growing retail market where Batavia’s 27,000+ residents can shop, work and entertain.

On its eastern border, Batavia shares boundaries with the world-renowned scientific research facility Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. After 50 years of leadership in the field of particle research, this government facility associated with the University of Chicago has set its sights on the pursuit of knowledge about dark matter, an entirely new field of research. These new pursuits are expected to create more than 2000 jobs and bring residents from around the world to live and work in Batavia.  

To reach our Economic Development Director Chris Aiston, call 640.454.2061