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You may use this page to send a message to someone at the City of Batavia.

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City Administration
Bill McGrath - City Administrator

Department Heads
Scott Buening - Community Development Director
Community Development includes Zoning and Planning functions - For more specific contact information, see the Community Development area of the Web site.
Howard Chason - Information Systems Director
Peggy Colby - Finance Director
The Finance Department also includes our Utility Billing department. For general correspondence with Utility Billing, select that choice below under Additional Contacts
Randy Deicke - Fire Chief/ESDA Coordinator
Gary Holm - Public Works Director
Public Works includes the administration of Electric, Street, Water, and Wastewater Divisons - For more specific contact information, see the Public Works Department area of the Web site.
Gary Schira - Chief of Police

Public Works Superintendents
John Dillon - Water Superintendent
Main breaks, water quality, watering regulations, and sewer backups
Scott Haines - Street Superintendent
Streets, sidewalks, parkway trees, leaves, cemetery, and brush
Byron Ritchason - Waste Water Superintendent
Sewer Odors, Lift Station alarms, Treatment Plant
Bob Rogde - Electric Superintendent
Power Outages and street Lights

Community Development
Jeff Albertson - Building Commissioner
Building Requirements and Inquiries
Rhonda Klecz - Code Compliance Officer
Code Inquiries

Additional Contacts
Human Resources Department - General Correspondence
Utility Billing Department - General Correspondence
Webmaster - For technical issues about the Web site
General Inquiries - General Inquiries
Use this selection if your topic is not listed above. Your request will be directed to the proper City personnel.

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