Lucy Thelin Atac

Elected Officials
Title: Ward 5 City Council Member
Phone: 630-677-5827
Lucy Atac

Lucy Thelin Atac is a Fifth Ward Alderman serving since 2010.  The importance of community and place and a desire to engage prompted Lucy to become an alderman.  Topics:

    • ·       Infrastructure planning and storm water utility
    • ·       Strategic planning for decision making
    • ·       Protection of housing values via beautification program and code enforcement
    • ·       Entry level housing for graduates to housing for those wishing to “age in place”
    • ·       Tourism via River Street development, recreation enhancement, cycling/ walking infrastructure, public art and history tours, boutique hotel ….
    • ·       River Protection
    • ·       Build an attractive, safe east – west pedestrian and cyclist path from Fermi Lab to Nelson Lake
    • ·       Wayfinding signage downtown and at entrances
    • ·       Electric utility diversification and Prairie State transparency
    • ·       Promote sustainability

Lucy is a member of Farnsworth Offices in Aurora and works there in building management. Past work includes real estate brokerage, development, health care marketing, and six summers at the Quarry. She enjoyed(s) volunteering in the schools, Girl Scouts, arts, and church. 


In 1966 Lucy moved to Batavia and enrolled in kindergarten at AGS. She graduated from BHS in 1979. Lucy and her husband, Bob, live at 340 N. Lincoln St. in a stone cottage and are proud parents of two BHS graduates enrolled in Dartmouth College and University of Illinois Engineering School. Her parents and 2 sisters live in Batavia. Lucy and Bob have 2 Portuguese Water Dogs and 4 chickens.  Lucy has a BA economics and MBA marketing and finance.


In addition to living here for 40 years, Lucy lived in Appleton, London, St. Louis, Oak Park, and Aurora and traveled to many corners of the world.  These experiences, along with her background, are invaluable in broadening her perspective and visioning for what Batavia is and can be. Batavia must ensure the quality of life enjoyed today is available for future generations.


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