Elliot Meitzler

Elected Officials
Title: Ward 3 City Council Member
Phone: 773-458-3044

Originally serving as an interim council member in December 2016, Elliot M. Meitzler was first elected in April 2017.  Meitzler believes in the importance of “being plugged into the community” and especially “local politics."  

"What happens at the local level is so much more impactful to you, your family and your neighbors.”

Having actual conversations with people about local topics is of particular interest to Elliot.  “What’s happening right next door?  In your neighborhood, ward, and town?  Stopping to speak with someone for even just 5 minutes can be so eye opening.”  Calling Batavia home is a source of pride for Meitzler.  “This town is filled with so many families, so much character, commitment, and history... and I have to be willing to share in the responsibility of the community.”

Meitzler’s interest in serving on the council stems from his experience coaching children sports and volunteering time at local elementary schools as part of the Watch D.O.G.S. program.  Realizing the importance of being invested in the community has sometimes taken on a literal feel as he served as the Popcorn “Colonel” for his son’s former Boy Scout Troop.

Elliot moved with his wife (Erin) and five children to Batavia almost five years ago.  He earned his bachelor’s degree from North Central College and his master’s degree from DePaul University.  He currently works as a Senior Product Manager for Strata Marketing, Inc., where he oversees five software development teams.


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