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Downtown Master Plan: A Primer for Placemaking

Batavia adopted the Downtown Master Plan, "A Primer for Place Making" July 15, 2002 after an extensive public participation process. Residents and business owners worked with city staff and design professionals through several charrettes. These meetings allowed our community‚Äôs stakeholders to contribute towards this plan. The policies of this document have been integrated into the Comprehensive Plan.

The Downtown Plan has been broken into seven sections for easier viewing on the website. All files are in PDF format, and require use of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may also download the complete plan as one document. 

Note: This document was superceded by the Comprehensive Plan effective December 29, 2007. 

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Batavia Downtown Master Plan: A Primer for Placemaking  (Full PDF Document, 88 Pages, 12 MB)


  • Executive Summary
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Background

Existing Condition Analysis

  • Urban Design Analysis
  • Transportation Analysis
  • Parking Analysis

Planning Process 

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Image Preference Survey
  • Community/Charrette Design Workshop
  • Charrette Consensus Plan

Placemaking Principles

Goals and Objectives


Implementation Strategies

Detailed Recommendations


  • Urban Design Analysis Map
  • Planning Districts Map
  • Building Inventory Map
  • Building Figureground Map
  • Vehicle Use Area Map
  • Pedestrian Circulation Map
  • Existing Land Use Map
  • Existing Zoning Map
  • Charrette Participants

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