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City Zoning Map (4 MB)
This zoning map is intended to provide basic information as to zoning within the city limits but does not replace the official zoning map. In any instance of disagreement between this map and the official map, the official map takes precedence. Every effort has been made to insure the timeliness and accuracy of this information. If you have any questions as to a specific property or need to verify information, please contact the Community Development Department at (630)454-2700. Map Based on Zoning and City boundaries as of  April 7, 2015.

Historic District
Special Service Area Map
Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts
City Subdivision Map
Ward Map (See City Council and Elected Officials Page for Ward Maps)


All maps are in PDF format and can be opened by Adobe Reader, a free downloadable application.

Instructions for using maps in Adobe Reader.
Note: The zoning map can take several minutes to load, depending on your internet connection speed.


  • To zoom to a specific location use the Zoom In tool. (A Magnifying Glass with a plus sign, zoominz.gif )
  • Click on the Zoom In button on the tool bar.
  • Position the magnifying glass on the area of the map you wish to zoom into and left click. This will center the map on the location and zoom in one level.
  • The zoom out tool (A Magnifying Glass with a minus sign, zoomoutz.gif ) works in a similar manner.


  • Click on the pan tool (a hand, panz.gif) in the tool bar.
  • Click on the map and hold down the left mouse button while moving the mouse. Moving the mouse will 'drag' the map in the direction you move it.

      Printing a Selected area

      Note: The native size for the zoning map is 60" by 42" The map is too detailed to print the full map on 8 1/2" by 11" paper. If you would like a full size map. The Official zoning map with addresses is for sale in the Community Development Department for $15.  The TIF and Historic District can be printed on letter sized paper. 
      • It is possible to print a section of the map, by using the image select tool.
      • The image select button is found on the tool bar. (a dashed border around a picture of a square & circle, imagez.gif)
      • If this icon is not on the map tool bar, it will sometimes be located under the text selection tool (A T with a dashed box next to it). Click and hold the text selection button. This will show several other icons under the button, select the image selection tool.
      • Next click and drag a box around the area you would like to print. Then click on the print button. (Note: Clicking on Print within the Internet Explorer Menu will not print the map. You will need to press the Adobe Reader Print button. 1printz.gif.)
      • Within the Print Dialog select "Print only the graphical selection".