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Rhonda Klecz
100 North Island Avenue
Batavia Il, 60510-1930
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7 AM - 4 PM Monday- Friday

Preventive Home Maintenance Checkup

OUR MISSION: It is the mission of the Code Compliance Division under the Department of Community Development to work in partnership with the people of the City of Batavia to maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment.

ABOUT US: The City of Batavia operates in compliance with the written codes that are designed to maintain a healthy, safe and clean environment, carry out land use policy and preserve the quality of life standards that residents and businesses enjoy in our community. The following information will answer the most frequently asked questions about code compliance in our community.

How are codes enforced?

Some of the ways code violations can be discovered is:

  • through routine inspections and observations by City staff as they patrol the community and do their jobs;
  • as a consequence of an action (for example, an application for building permit or a request for zoning action) or
  • in response to a complaint by an individual.

How do I notify the City about a possible code violation?

If you would like to report a possible code violation, you can do it in person, by phone or by email. Please be prepared with specific information, such as:

  • The address of the property,
  • detailed description of the situation, and
  • the length of time you have observed the situation.

You do not have to identify yourself, but having your name will assist us with follow-up and ensure we have all the information we need to resolve the situation. We do make it policy NOT to reveal complainant information.

You may contact Code Compliance Officer Rhonda Klecz at (630) 454-2705 or email rklecz

What is the procedure for following up on possible code violations?

The Code Compliance Officer responds to possible violations according to the impact of the violation on the community. Situations that appear to pose a risk to health and safety are given top priority; others are pursued in the order in which they are received.

For all types of code complainants, the first step in the follow up procedure is personal contact by the Code Compliance Officer to see if the violation exists and to request compliance. If the individual responsible for the situation is not available or appears unwilling to voluntarily correct the violation in a timely manner, a notice of violation may be issued, which may require an appearance at Administrative Adjudication or at Kane County Court.

What penalties results from code violations?

In many cases, the individual responsible for the code violation is given the opportunity to voluntarily correct the situation and comply without penalty. If correction is not made, the individual may be subjected to fines and other penalties. In every case, the City tries to work with the individual to achieve compliance.

For any questions that you may have about code compliance or possible code violations, feel free to call the Code Compliance Officer at (630) 454-2705 or email rklecz.

Common Code Issues

The following issues are summarized from the Batavia City Code and are not intended to be the definitive interpretation of city ordinance. This page does not represent or replace actual ordinance or code language. Refer to the referenced code for the full ordinance text.

New construction and remodeling has an impact on nearby residents. Please be aware of noise and waste ordinances. No building materials (used or unused) should be stored outdoors. When conducting inspections, the Code Compliance Officer looks to insure that all construction within the City has necessary permits. Contact the Building Division  for any questions regarding requirements for construction.

  • The city has established construction hours Monday - Saturday 7 AM - 9 PM, Sunday 8 AM - 9 PM (4-4-4)
  • Building permits are required for all construction. Construction that occurs without a permit will be issued a Stop Work Order and could be subject to fines and penalties.
Home Business Operation

Batavia recognizes the benefits of home-based businesses. Regulations regarding home businesses are in place to protect the residential character of neighborhoods. Home-based businesses should not be visibly apparent from the exterior and is operated in its entirety within the single unit and only by the person(s) maintaining the dwelling unit. Commercial vehicles must be stored indoors or screened from nearby residents. (10.4.502)

  • There cannot be any signage advertising the business, or open storage of equipment.  
  • Other than family members residing within the dwelling unit located on the lot or parcel, there shall be no other employees working at the home occupation.

Noise issues should be directed to the Police Department. In order to file a noise complaint, an officer must be notified at the time of the disturbance. Batavia has automotive regulations against vehicles causing excessive noise, as well as regulations against operation of loud machinery.

  • Outdoor amplification of sound is prohibited from 10 PM to 8 AM Sunday through Thursday and 11:30 PM to 8 AM Friday and Saturday. (4-4-5)
  • Animals causing a high or prolonged level of noise can be ruled a disturbance. Any person in possession of such an animal can be charged with disturbing the peace. (5-4B-5)
  • To report nuisance noise during non-business hours contact the Batavia Police Department.

Property Maintenance

The City of Batavia has the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code with amendments.  These rules apply to the exterior and interior conditions of buildings along with the surrounding property.  These regulations are in place to provide safe and desirable living condition of residents and to prevent dilapidated properties from negatively impacting nearby properties. All necessary permits should be applied for in any maintenance project.

  • All buildings must display their assigned numbers in a manner that is viewable from the street. Numbers should be at least 4" tall. (9-9-1)
  • All buildings and accessory structures should be kept in good repair. Peeling paint, missing siding, rotting posts and walls are not acceptable. (302.7, 304.1, 304.2)
  • Sidewalks should be kept in a safe manner. Missing or broken sections should be replaced. (302.3)
  • All roofs should be kept in good repair, and not leak. Water from gutters should not be discharged into the septic or sanitary system.
  • Fences should be kept in good repair. Broken or missing sections must be replaced. No permit is needed for fence repair. Fence replacement requires a permit. (302.7)
  • There are strict regulations regarding the discharge of sump pumps. Sump pumps cannot discharge into public streets. Sump pumps also cannot discharge into the septic or sanitary system. (9-8-16)

Batavia has a comprehensive sign ordinance. Section 10 Chapter 8 of the municipal code fully outlines all acceptable and unacceptable signs.

  • No signs of any kind may be placed on trees or utility poles or placed in the right of way. (10.4.402.P)
  • Contractors working on existing homes can display a sign only while work is occurring. Signs must be removed at the end of the workday. Signs at new home construction sites must be removed once an Occupancy Permit has been issued. (10.4.402.D)
  • Signs with flashing lights or attention getting devices are prohibited. (10.4.402.P)

The Code Compliance Officer is responsible for insuring that all vehicles on private property have a certain level of roadworthiness. All vehicles are required to display current licenses. Vehicles that have been disabled by the removal of components or damage may not be stored outdoors.

  • All Vehicles parked in the City of Batavia are required to display a current vehicle license tag. (4-4-1)
  • Any vehicle in non-operable condition may not be stored outdoors. (4-4-1)
  • Parking regulations, including overnight parking can be found at the Batavia Police Department Web site.

For general questions regarding garbage pickup contact Advanced Disposal (Customer Service (630) 587-8282)

  • It is not permissible to store refuse, waste or any other materials outdoors. (4-4-2, 10-2.106.J)
  • Open burning of garbage is not permitted. (Open Burning Regulations)
  • Garbage is not to be placed at curbside until the day before the schedule collection. (4-5-7)
  • Empty waste containers must be removed from curbside as soon as possible, but in no event no later than 8:00 pm the day of collection. (4-5-7)

The Code Compliance Officer enforces the water conservation ordinance. This ordinance is in effect year round.

  • All properties with even numbered addresses may use water for restricted purposes on even numbered days. While odd numbered addresses may use water on odd numbered days. Watering can only occur between 6 to 9 AM and 6 to 9 PM. (8-2-16, Ord 88-41)
  • Seed & Sod Permits can be obtained to allow the watering of newly placed sod or seed without regard to restrictions. These permits may be obtained at the Community Development Department Office at 100 North Island Avenue.  

Yard Maintenance
Property owners should maintain their yard to prevent undesirable species and hazards weeds and or grasses. City regulations limit the acceptable height of weeds and or grasses and prohibit invasive species.

  • Weeds, grasses and undergrowth are not allowed to exceed 8" (4-4-2)
  • Weeds, such as jimson, burdock, ragweed, thistle, cocklebur and other similar species are a nuisance. It is unlawful to allow these weeds on your property. (4-4-2)
  • Yards should not be used for outdoor storage. Junk vehicles, and other materials should not be stored in a yard.(10-2.106.J)