Residents City Services FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about City Services

Who do I call about ...?

For questions about all City services or to report a problem, you may call our main phone number, 630-454-2000. During normal business hours (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday), our receptionist will answer your call and direct it to the appropriate department. To report a power outage, water main break, or other issue that requires urgent attention outside of normal business hours or on a holiday, you may call the Police Department non-emergency number at 630-454-2500.

Is overnight parking allowed?

No parking is allowed on City streets from 1:00 AM to 6:00 AM every day. If you need a temporary permit for overnight parking, contact the Police Department in person or at 630-454-2500.

Who takes care of the trees in the parkway?

In general, the City owns and maintains the trees in the parkway. Trees are inspected and pruned when necessary during the winter months. We ask that residents help out by watering the trees when they are new or during drought conditions. If there is a problem with a tree in the parkway, please call the Street Division at 630-454-2400.

The City has a Parkway Tree Program that allows residents to request the planting of new trees in the parkway in front of their residence. The City offers several different varieties of trees each year, and the cost of the tree is split 50/50 between the City and the homeowner. More information about the Parkway Tree Program can be found by clicking here

If you would like to plant a tree on your own in the parkway, or if you need to remove a tree in the parkway, you will need a permit from the City.

When is brush picked up by the City?

The City uses an outside contractor to collect residential brush.  A grapple loader will be used to pick the brush off the parkway.  Brush should be out by the curb (but not in the street) by 6:00 AM on the Monday of the week you are scheduled. For more information and schedules, click here

How does the snow removal process work? Are there parking restrictions?

During the snow season, the Street Department strives to ensure that all roads in the City are as safe as possible for motorists. Of course, our efforts to keep the streets clear of ice and snow can be limited by the intensity of snowfall or cold conditions.

Once the snow accumulation reaches two inches (2"), there is no parking on any City street until the storm has stopped and the snow has been fully cleared from that street. When snow is forecast, please help us clean all of the streets faster by complying with this ordinance and making room for our snow removal equipment.

Up to date information about the City's snow removal process is posted to the Street Division services page during the winter season.

When are fire hydrants flushed?

Hydrants are flushed twice a year, in the Spring and Fall. Signs will be posted in your neighborhood during the week that flushing is being done. Residents are reminded to check their water prior to washing any clothes. Be prepared for rusty or discolored water during the week of your scheduled flushing.We regret any inconvenience that discolored water may cause our customers while this work is in progress. If you experience rusty water while laundering, we have a product called “Red-B-Gone” that will help remove the rust from clothes. A free bottle may be picked up at the Utility Billing Department at City Hall or at the Public Works building at 200 N. Raddant Road.

Does the City have watering restrictions?

Yes, a Water Conservation Ordinance is in effect year-round. Batavia follows the "odd/even" system; residents with odd-numbered house addresses may water on odd-numbered days, and similarly, even-numbered addresses may water on even-numbered days. Watering may be done between 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM on those days.  For more information, see the Water Conservation page.

If you have a permanently-installed yard sprinkling system, it must be equipped with a backflow valve to prevent contamination of the City water system. Your system must be registered with the City, and the backflow valve must be inspected annualy. Contact the Water Department at 630-454-2450 for more information.

You may apply for a Sod/Seed permit at any time for watering newly-installed seed or sod. Contact the Water Department at 630-454-2450 to apply.

Does the City require me to purchase vehicle stickers?

No, the City does not require vehicle stickers.

Am I required to license my pets?

No, the City does not require pet owners to license or register their pets. The City code does require that dog owners keep the dogs on a leash whenever they are on public property (including streets and sidewalks).

How much does it cost for electricity, water, and sewer services?

Rates are contained in the City Code and are set by Ordinance. Section 8-1A-5 has the electric rates, Section 8-2-10 has the water rates and Section 8-3-12 has the sewer rates. Rates are also posted on our website for residents and businesses.

Can I pay my utility bill electronically?

Two methods are offered to pay utility bills electronically:

1. Payment by Direct Debit Service

The City offers a direct debit service, whereby the amount of your bill can be paid directly from your checking account on the due date. You continue to receive a monthly statement with this program. For more information, see the Utility Bill Payment Options page.

2. Payment by Credit Card

You may pay your utility bill using credit cards or an eCheck (one-time withdrawl from checking or savings). There is a fee for using this payment method. To pay your bill, you'll need the account number and service address. For more details, go to this page.

Can I view my Utility Bill on-line?

Yes you can view your current bill online as well as the prior 12 months of bills.  You can sign up to be notified when your new bill is posted.  You can also sign up for paperless billing if you prefer to just view your bills on-line.  

           Utility Billing On-line        More information about how to sign up.


What is the sales tax rate in Batavia and where does it go?  All sales taxes are collected by the State of Illinois and the State distributes the taxes. 

This information is for reference only.  For tax purposes, please consult a tax professional. 

The sales tax rate on general merchandise is 7.50% until June 30, 2014. On and after July 1, 2014 an additional 0.50% will be added to the Batavia Local portion of the sales tax rate. The rate on General Merchandise on and after July 1, 2014 will be 8.00%. Only the General Merchandise rate will change. Other rates will remain.

Effective Until June 30, 2014 the General Merchandise Rate is 7.50%

State 5.00%
Batavia 1.00%
County 0.25%
State Total 6.25%

Batavia - Local


RTA - Local


Local Total 1.25%

Effective July 1, 2014 the General Merchandise Rate is 8.00%

State 5.00%
Batavia 1.00%
County 0.25%
State Total 6.25%

Batavia - Local


RTA - Local


Local Total 1.75%

The sales tax rate on qualifying food and drugs is 1.75%

State - Batavia 1.00%
RTA - Local 0.75%

The sales tax rate on registered vehicles is 7.00%

    State  5.00%
    Batavia  1.00%
    County  0.25%
State Total  6.25%
RTA - Local  0.75%

What are Batavia's local taxes?

The City of Batavia imposes the following local taxes to support city services:

Local Sales Tax (portion of total sales tax rate as of 7/1/14) 1.00%
Telecommunications Tax (on cellular phones and land lines) 6.00%
Electric Franchise Fee 4.00%
Water Utility Tax 4.00%
Cable Franchise Fee 5.00%
Municipal Retail Motor Fuel Tax $0.01 per Gallon
Natural Gas Use Tax $0.03 per Therm

Where do my property tax dollars go?

The following is a typical 2013 (paid in 2014) total tax bill for property in the City of Batavia.  If your property is in a special service area (SSA), you may pay additional taxes.  Property that is in a tax increment finance district (TIF) is not subject to additional tax but the distribution of the tax goes to the City of Batavia for a defined period of time to help pay for redevelopment. 

The portion of property tax that is paid to the City of Batavia is the same regardless of your property location; however, property within the City may be in different school, library, park or township districts.  The example below represents the largest portion of taxpayers in the City.  For more information please go to the appropriate township website - Batavia Township or Geneva Township for assessment information or to Kane County Treasurer for tax bill or payment information and Kane County Assesor for more assessment information. 

Taxing Entity  Rate   % of Total 
 City of Batavia           0.731855 7.62%
 Kane County & Forest Preserve           0.766160 7.98%
 Batavia Township & Road District           0.149616 1.56%
 Batavia Schools           6.372536 66.34%
 Waubonsee College           0.580694 6.05%
 Batavia Park District           0.552758 5.75%
 Batavia Library           0.451594 4.70%
 Typical Total for 2013          9.605213 100.00%