Departments Community Development Comprehensive Plan

City of Batavia Comprehensive Plan

The City Council adopted the Comprehensive Plan at the December 17, 2007 City Council meeting.  This plan became effective December 29, 2007, by state statute.  The most recent revisions were approved by the City Council on February 17, 2014.

Comprehensive Plan Documents

Batavia Comprehensive Plan  (Full Document - 20 MB) This document contains the full text of the plan with all element texts and maps.  Due to the file size, it may take several minutes to load on your computer.

Individual Comprehensive Plan Elements

Table of Contents and Introduction  (Updated 2/17/14)
Land Use - (Updated 2/17/14) Land Use Map (Updated 2/20/12)
Transportation and Circulation (Updated 2/17/14)
Public Facilities and Services (Updated 2/17/14)
Economic Development and Redevelopment (Updated 2/17/14)
Environment (Updated 2/17/14)
Parks and Open Space (Updated 2/17/14)
Housing, Neighborhood Conservation and Historic Preservation (Updated 2/17/14)
Urban Design (Updated 2/17/14)
Regional and Interjursidictional Issues (Updated 2/17/14)
Bicycle Plan

Historic Documents:  Downtown Master Plan