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Electric Department

Batavia's Electric System dates to the late 1800's when the City was among the first to develop its own street lighting system. In the early days, Batavia generated its own electricity.  Today we receive a majority of our energy via power contracts with the Northern Illinois Municipal Power Agency (NIMPA).  NIMPA is one of nine owners in the Prairie State Energy Campus located in southern Illinois.  

Electric Utility employees are responsible for maintaining the city's six electrical substations, 138 kV transmission system, 34 kV sub-transmission system, 12 kV distribution system and a fiber optic communications network.  The Utility prides itself on providing reliable service to all of the 10,000 customers in Batavia. Other important tasks include responding to electric outages, street light maintenance, underground locates, system improvements and extensions, as well as miscellaneous community projects such as hanging flags, banners and holiday decorations.

Electric Utility employees are committeed 24 hours a day to assist our customers in anyway possible.  If you are an existing customer or a potential new customer please feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have.