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The Finance Department at the City of Batavia includes two divisions, Finance/Accounting and Utility Billing


The Finance/Accounting Division is responsible for the collection, monitoring and disbursement of all monies for the City.  Among the many tasks are the compilation of the City’s budget, coordination of the annual audit and the creation of the City’s audited financial statements.  Accounts receivable, accounts payable, issuance of purchase orders and all aspects of payroll are functions of the Finance Department.  The department also invests idle funds, coordinates debt issuance and prepares the City’s annual property tax levy.  The Finance Department realizes they are stewards of public funds and its mission is to ensure the most efficient and effective use of those funds. 

For more information on any finance matter, please contact Peggy Colby, Finance Director at 630-454-2030.

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Other Information:

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable checks are issued weekly.  Checks that are less than $10,000 are mailed out immediately.  Checks over $10,000 are held until approved at the next City Council Meeting.  Exceptions are allowed when approved by the City Administrator.  A listing of all checks issued are provided to the City Council at every meeting.  This listing may be found on the Agenda by clicking on the Accounts Payable Check Register under the Approvals section of the Agenda. City Council Agendas are posted under the meeting calendar. AP listings are available on the website on or after July 15, 2013.  For prior payable listings, please contact Accounts Payable at or 630-454-2033.

Sales Tax Information

The following rates provide the total sales tax rates and also how the State of Illinois distributes the tax to the various taxing bodies.  All taxes are collected by the State of Illinois for distribution. 

This information is for reference only.  For tax purposes, please consult a tax professional.

The sales tax rate on general merchandise is 7.50% until June 30, 2014.  On and after July 1, 2014 an additional 0.50% will be added to the Batavia Local portion of the sales tax rate.  The rate on General Merchandise on and after July 1, 2014 will be 8.00%.  Only the General Merchandise rate will change.  Other rates will remain.

Effective Until June 30, 2014 the General Merchandise Rate is 7.50%

   State  5.00%
   Batavia  1.00%
   County  0.25%
State Total  6.25%

   Batavia - Local


   RTA - Local


Local Total  1.25%

Effective July 1, 2014 the General Merchandise Rate is 8.00%

   State 5.00%
   Batavia 1.00%
   County 0.25%
State Total 6.25%

   Batavia - Local


   RTA - Local


Local Total 1.75%


The sales tax rate on qualifying food and drugs is 1.75%

State - Batavia


RTA  - Local


The sales tax rate on registered vehicles is 7.00%

    State  5.00%
    Batavia  1.00%
    County  0.25%
State Total  6.25%

RTA - Local


Local Taxes

The City of Batavia imposes the following local taxes to support city services:

Local Sales Tax (portion of total sales tax rate as of 7/1/14)


Telecommunications Tax (on cellular phones and land lines)


Electric Franchise Fee


Water Utility Tax


Cable Franchise Fee


Municipal Retail Motor Fuel Tax $0.01 per Gallon
Natural Gas Use Tax $0.035 per Therm

Property Tax Information

The following is a typical 2013 total tax bill (paid in 2014) for property in the City of Batavia.  If your property is in a special service area (SSA), you may pay additional taxes.  Property that is in a tax increment finance district (TIF) is not subject to additional tax but the distribution of the tax goes to the City of Batavia for a defined period of time to help pay for redevelopment. 

The portion of property tax that is paid to the City of Batavia is the same regardless of your property location; however, property within the City may be in different school, library, park or township districts.  The example below represents the largest portion of taxpayers in the City.  For more information please go to the appropriate township website - Batavia Township or Geneva Township for assessment information or to Kane County Treasurer for tax bill or payment information or to Kane County Assesor for further assement information. 

Taxing Entity


 % of Total

 City of Batavia



 Kane County & Forest Preserve



 Batavia Township & Road District



 Batavia Schools



 Waubonsee College



 Batavia Park District



 Batavia Library



 Typical Total for 2013



Utility Billing

The City of Batavia provides electric, water and wastewater services to residents.  The Utility Billing department sends out and collects all residential, commercial and industrial utility bills.  If you are new to Batavia or if you are moving within the City, please contact the Utility Billing Department at 630-454-2020.  All new customers are asked to call or come into the Utility Billing office to establish service.  A deposit for utility service is required for tenants and commerical accounts.  Once you have established utility service, you may wish to take advantage of one of the payment options the City offers. For more information on the City's utility services and for a listing of the current rates, go to Utility Service.  

Refuse service for Batavia is provided by an outside contractor - Advanced Disposal Services.  Stickers and  bags may be purchased in the Utility Billing department.

For more information on establishing Utility Service or if you have questions on your existing Utility Account, please contact a customer service representative at 630-454-2020 or e-mail us at