Departments Finance City Budgets 2013 City of Batavia Budget

The 2013 City of Batavia Budget was approved by the City Council at the December 3, 2012 City Council Meeting.  The Budget is effective for the calendar year beginning January 1, 2013.

Questions and Answers prior to passage:

Round 1

Questions regarding the budget may directed to Peggy Colby, Finance Director at or via phone at 630-454-2030. 

City of Batavia 2013 Approved Budget:

Section 1 Introductory Section

Section 2 General Fund

Section 3 General Fund Activities

Section 4 Self Insurance Activities

Section 5 Street MFT Activities

Section 6 Debt Service Fund

Section 7 Captial Project Fund

Section 8 Enterprise/Utility Funds

Section 9 Permanent Fund

Section 10 Appendix