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November 25, 2012, River Street Ribbon Cutting

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Batavia Project Streetscape is underway!  The downtown streetscape project is wrapping up on North River Street.  While the streetscape project will provide Batavians with a shared community space it will also be updating underground utilities, lighting and infrastructure.   

An important feature, accessibility to the downtown will be aided by the installation of a sidewalk to navigate the northeast corner of Wilson and River Street to eliminate the necessity of using stairs to walk or ride on the public walk. State-funded projects will provide pedestrian/bike crossings on both Batavia Avenue (Rt. 31) and Washington Street (Rt. 25) in 6 different places over the next few years, making the downtown area available for a wider range of citizens.

The Streetscape Framework Plan established the guidelines and overall concept for the Streetscape program, which will be implemented with these construction projects.