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The mission of the Batavia Environmental Commission is to fulfill the role of environmental advisor, educator and motivator to City Government and the community at large

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We have prepared a recipe book for homemade cleaning products to share with you. 
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   The Nature of Cities

Green Night Out
at the Movies 2015
“The Nature of Cities”

Saturday, February 7, 2015
City Hall Council Chambers
Expo Open: 6:15pm
Movie: 7pm
Join us at city Hall Council chambers with your friends and family for Batavia’s 7th annual Green Night Out at the Movies! The Batavia Environmental Commission, with the support of the Batavia Park District, is thrilled to provide an evening of FREE entertainment: a green themed movie, free popcorn and drink (for those that bring a reusable cup and bowl) and lively discussion about the topic of the movie afterward.
The Nature of Cities is a thought-provoking documentary that joins Professor Timothy Beatley as he explores many different urban projects around the world. The film looks at how can we make better cities than ever, better workplaces and better schools by creating ways we can immerse ourselves in nature everyday instead of thinking we have to get in the car and drive to find it. Nature is essential to daily life and The Nature of Cities focuses on the many innovative ways in which nature can be designed into urban environments. The prospects for building nature into our living spaces are abundant, and there are many opportunities already in our backyards.
Michelle Hickey of the Resiliency Institute is our guest speaker and will be presenting following the movie. The Resiliency Institute is a non-profit organization using permaculture education and design to transform the suburbs into resilient permaculture communities prepared for economic, social and environmental change.

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