2017 Water Leak Detection Program

Most of us have seen large scale water main breaks on the news or even in our own communities, but did you know that water main breaks on average account for only 20 to 30% of municipal water loss? It's the smaller underground leaks we don't see that account for the majority of the remaining 70 to 80% of water loss or unaccounted for water (the difference between what's pumped from the ground and accounted for on the books). 

WMBThe City of Batavia has 190 miles of water mains, 1,800 water valves, 1,900 fire hydrants, and tens of thousands of fittings. The Batavia Water Division takes great strides to limit the amount of wasted water in our community. The annual Leak Detection program has been a part of the Water Division’s annual maintenance program since the 1990’s, and has proven well worth the expense in catching these smaller leaks before they become large catastrophic failures.

The main goal of this program is to identify and pinpoint the slightest underground water leaks. The contractor will use very sophisticated equipment to first survey the entire system (190 miles of water mains) for leaks using hydrants, valves, or any apparatus available, then circle back around to “pinpoint” and mark the exact location of the leak (in case the equipment was simply analyzing a large amount of flow at the time of the survey). Leak Detection

The contractor will have clearly marked vehicles and bright colored clothing. If the contractor should need to come on your property, they have been instructed to make you aware by knocking. 

The Batavia water system has an extremely low unaccounted for water percentage rate. We thank you for your cooperation in this program as we strive to make our water system as tight as possible

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the City of Batavia Water and Sewer Division at (630) 454-2450.