2016 Sanitary Sewer Lining Project

Current Status (November 30, 2016)

The sanitary sewer lining and cleaning work project is now completed. Thank you for your patience throughout this project. 
The City of Batavia is currently working on a list of sanitary sewer segments to be prioritized for the 2017 lining program.

Status as of October 21, 2016

The sanitary sewer lining and cleaning work is now 95% completed. The only remaining portions of sewer to be lined are located on South Harrison Street between Walnut and Elm Street as shown on the below location exhibit. We expect this work will take place in about 3 weeks.




October 3, 2016

Preparatory sewer cleaning work has been completed. If sewers are to be lined in your neighborhood, a door hanger will be provided the day before actual lining work is to begin on the sewer in front of your residence. The contractor will be passing out the door tags beginning today. Please check your front door for these door tags so that you have advanced warning when the lining will take place. This will provide the information you will need as well as specific dates in which the construction and restrictions will take place. A sample of the door hanger is on the reverse side of the Resident Notification Letter.

Project Scope

The sanitary sewer lining project will take place in various locations across the City beginning in September. The locations of the sewers to be lined are shown in the Location Exhibit link below. This work will consist of a process called "cured-in-place-pipe lining" (CIPP) which will be utilized to reconstruct certain sections of badly deteriorated sewer. The process is done without expensive, disruptive excavation, such as, digging up and replacing old pipeline. The lining process includes inserting a specially designed tube into the existing sewer, which is then formed to the existing pipe, creating a watertight, smooth surfaced, long lasting pipe within the old sewer.
It is important to note that we will need the cooperation of residents whose homes are connected to these sewers, which will be lined. As the sewer goes through the lining process, residents will be asked to limit use of toilet facilities, and refrain from doing laundry. Specific information about these restrictions will be forthcoming as the project start date approaches.

Resident Notification Letter

2016 Sewer Lining Location Exhibit

Contact Information

For concerns or questions, please contact Timothy Grimm via email or call 630-454-2756. When calling outside of normal working hours, 8:00 AM -4:00PM (M-F) please call the Water Department at 630-454-2450 and leave a message. Your call will be returned the next business day.