Liquor Sales Tax

The City of Batavia enacted a 2% liquor Sales tax on the sale of all alcohol within the municipal borders. The City of Batavia collects this tax directly. The tax is effective as of February 1, 2016. Please contact Peggy Colby, Finance Director by calling 630-454-2030 or email with any questions.  

As of February 1, 2017 (for January 2017 returns) the City will offer a 1/2% discount for filing your return on line.  The City also offers 1/2% discount for paying the tax online.  These discounts are offered to save City staff time processing your return and the discounts are only offered for using the online system below. This is the preferred method of filing and payment - please file and pay online and save money for doing so.  Thank you

 Local Liquor Sales Tax Returns and Payments may be filed and paid securely online through our partner at Xpress Bill PayThe site is secure and will protect your information with the latest technology. Use the instructions for first time users to set up an account and then you can log into Xpress Bill Pay each month to file your return and make your payment. If you file and pay online, you will not need to mail anything to the City. For further information, please contact the Finance Department at 630-454-2032.