Deerpath Rd and Main St Intersection Improvements

Current Status

Phase I approval was granted in November of 2016. Phase II engineering design kicked off in June of 2017 and is expected to be completed in early to mid 2018.  Phase III construction is anticipated during late 2018.  This timeline is not final and may be altered as the City and County progress through the different phases of engineering.  Please check back for updates. 

Project Purpose

The signalized improvements will also include removal of the skewed alignment of Main Street and Deerpath Road at the intersection as well as new dedicated turn lanes.  The traffic signal at the intersection of Deerpath Road and Main Street will interconnect with the signal at Randall Road and Main Street. Additionally pedestrian and cycling paths will be added that are consistent with Kane County Bike Plan as well as sidewalks on the remainder of frontages.  

Project Background

The City of Batavia and Kane County are working jointly to improve the traffic movements at the skewed intersection that Deerpath Road intersects Main Street.  The initial part of the Phase I study evaluated the intersection for a roundabout or a typical signalized layout.  After reviewing the alternatives the City and County decided to move forward with a signalized intersection.  The traffic signal will make turning movements safer as they are restricted by red lights and will also add additional turn lanes for shorter stacking and safer turning movements. 

Construction Impacts

No staging plans have been prepared at this time.  Since Main Street is a main arterial traffic will remain open in all directions with temporary closures (flaggers) as needed.  More information will be added as construction approaches.  

Project Funding

The project will be implemented as a joint project between City of Batavia and Kane County.  Both jurisdictions will share the local portion 50%.  Phase I & II will utilize 100% local funds with 50% coming from City of Batavia (Developer Funds) and 50% Kane County. The City has secured Surface Transportation Program (STP) Grant for Phase III construction engineering and construction. The STP grant is funded 75% with 25% being a local match; the local match will be split equally between the City and the County. 

Project Timeline

Design Engineering- Completion December 2018
Construction – March 2019-December 2019

Project Plans

There are no plans available at this time.  Keep checking back as the project moves forward, plans and layouts will be posted as they are available. 

Contact Information

For concerns or questions, please email Andrea Podraza or call 630-454-2757.