Consumer Recalls

Consumer products are often recalled due to malfunctions and safety issues. If your appliance is faulty and poses a fire hazard, or a children's product is dangerous to your kids, you want to know about it now. You can hope that you will catch every news story about recalls, or you can remove the element of chance and read below.

Consumer Safety

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is an independent government agency with federal authority to regulate the sale and manufacture of over 15,000 different consumer products. In order to pass along the results of their work, the CPSC regularly posts safety and recall information online.

CPSC Signup for Recalls, It's Free, Fast, and Could Save Your Life

You can find this important, up-to-date information online or even have it emailed to you on a regular basis. Don't wait until something in your house causes a fire or injury. Follow the links to keep your household safe!

Email Notification

Sign up to receive recall notices via email. You can choose the categories of recalls you wish to hear about.

Alternatively, you can check the following link to see some of the recall information available online. Just enter the date range you wish to check and click "Search."