Compensation Listings

Public Act 97-0609 requires all Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) employers to post information for each employee having a total wage and compensation package that exceeds $75,000. The law was effective for budgets approved after January 1, 2012. The City of Batavia is on a calendar year and approves its budgets in December of each year.

Payroll Posting

The posting of budgeted wages is to be made each year within 6 days of approval of the budget and 6 days prior for any IMRF employee that has a salary that exceeds $150,000. In conjunction with this act, the City of Batavia has posted a list of all employees that have set pay with fixed hours. Paid-on-call firefighters and seasonal or temporary workers are not included in this schedule of salaries. Please see the notes that accompany each schedule for further details on the City of Batavia payroll. The listing of an employee is not a guarantee of employment or salary amounts.

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