History of the Donovan Bridge

The current Wilson Street Bridge, or Donovan Bridge, is the 3rd generation of the bridge and was built between 2007 and 2008. The bridge it replaced stood since 1911, which replaced the original structure built in the mid-1800's. As the only bridge in Batavia, the Donovan Bridge is an important piece of our local architectural heritage. In 1911, its design was considered quite modern for its day, having even been featured on the cover of an Illinois Engineering Journal shortly after its construction. The 1911 bridge served our community well for over 9 decades, hosting events ranging from the burning of an effigy of the Kaiser during World War I, to the City’s Millennium Celebration in 2000, to a variety of parades of all shapes and sizes over the years.

Donovan Bridge Photos

View the Donovan Bridge photo gallery and explore the story of Batavia's Fox River Bridges.