Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a program involving neighbors watching over the property of other neighbors. Some advantages of the program are that your neighbors are most familiar with the vehicles most commonly present at your home. Neighbors also most commonly know the schedule as to when you are usually home and when you are away. Your neighbors will probably be the first to notice a burglar or suspicious activity at your home. Many burglaries in progress are observed and reported by vigilant neighbors.

Neighborhood Watch encourages calls by citizens to 911 to report suspicious activity in your neighborhood. Neighborhood Watch teaches community members the proper reporting procedures and encourages citizens to be actively involved in their neighborhoods.

Goals of the Neighborhood Watch

  • Increase the apprehensions of criminals in residential neighborhoods.
  • Prevent burglaries and other criminal activities in your neighborhood.
  • Reduce the loss felt by victims burglary and other criminal activity.
  • Send a loud and clear message to criminals that they are not welcome in our neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Watch encourages citizens to:

  • Engrave larger valuables with unique identifying information
  • Install proper locks on doors and windows
  • Keep records of serial numbers of valuables
  • Report suspicious activity
  • Engage all locks that are on their doors and windows
  • Secure all overhead garage doors

Fighting Crime

The Batavia Police Department urges every citizen to take an active part in helping keep your neighborhood safe. Please be vigilant and report all suspicious activity immediately by calling 911.