Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is simply a program of neighbors watching over the property of other neighbors. This has several advantages including the fact that your neighbors are familiar with the type of car you drive, when you are usually home and when you will be away. Your neighbor will probably be the first one to notice a burglar at your door or window or a strange car in your driveway.

An alarming number of burglaries are observed in progress by neighbors who did nothing in fear of being branded as nosey neighbors if they called the police and nothing was wrong.

Neighborhood Watch makes the check on well being phone call an expected and appreciated action among members. Neighborhood Watch also encourages increased calls to the police to report suspicious activity in your neighborhood. Neighborhood Watch instructs members in proper reporting procedures and teaches members that “getting involved” means no more that a quick phone call to the police.
Goals of the Neighborhood Watch
  • Increase the apprehensions of criminals in the neighborhoods.
  • Prevent burglaries and other criminal activities in your neighborhood.
  • Reduce the loss to victims of burglary and other criminal activity.
  • Send a loud and clear message to would be burglars, thieves, peeping toms, child molesters and other criminals that they are not welcome in our neighborhoods.
Neighborhood Watch members are encouraged to:
  • Engrave larger valuables with drivers license number
  • Install proper locks on doors and windows
  • Keep records of serial numbers of valuables
  • Report suspicious activity
  • Use the locks that are on their doors and windows
The Batavia Police Department supplies window stickers and street signs that warn would be burglars that the area is a Neighborhood Watch area and that people in the area will report them to the police.

Fighting Crime
We urge you to take an active part in helping the Batavia Police Department keep your community safe, by being our eyes and ears. Let us know what you observe in your neighborhood and in the community at-large.