Green Business Certifications

A green business is a smart business and a smart business runs a successful operation while protecting the environment which sustains our economy.

Green Business Certification Application
Based on the Clean Air Counts program (which Batavia has received a gold award), this program allows businesses to review their current practices and gives suggestions on how to make improvements. Topics covered include:
  • Use of products with recycled content
  • Water efficiency and urban run off
  • Energy efficiency
  • Chemical use
  • Pollution prevention and a waste assessment
As a business begins the program, they can use the document as a guide for future business practices and upgrade their certification. To apply, please complete the Green Business Certification Application (PDF). Note: Please set printer to duplex when printing.
Batavia Green Business logo
Batavia Environmental Commission Partners
We are proud to recognize the following Batavia Businesses who have partnered with the Batavia Environmental Commission to help ensure a healthy environment for Batavia.

Platinum Level
  • Berkana Way LLC - 8/3/2009
  • VWR International - 5/4/2015
Gold Level
  • Marsh Products - 10/4/2010
  • VWR International - 8/3/2009
  • Water Street Studio - 10/4/2010
Silver Level
  • Confident Aire - 10/4/2010
  • Montessori Academy - 5/21/2012
Bronze Level
  • Gibby's Wine Den - 5/21/12

Self-Certification Process
The self-certification process is rather simple and is only 9 pages long. Batavia Environmental Commission members will even visit your business and help you along. Anyone interested can email Byron Ritchason.