Wastewater/Sewer Rates

2020 Rates

$4.42 per 100 cubic feet of metered water usage plus applicable meter service charge:

Meter Size Rate Meter Size Rate
0.75 inch or less $9.95 2 inches $55.42
1 inch $13.83 3 inches $124.48
1.25 inches $21.69 4 inches $221.60
1.50 inches $31.15 6 inches $498.72

2019 Rates

$4.25 per 100 cubic feet of metered water usage plus applicable meter service charge:

Meter SizeRateMeter SizeRate
0.75 inch or less$9.572 inches$53.29
1 inch$13.303 inches$119.69
1 1/4 inches$20.864 inches$213.08
1 1/2 inches$29.956 inches$479.54

Additional Significant Industrial User Charges

In addition to the sewer usage charges contained in the preceding section, significant industrial users, those with discharge concentrations of BOD exceeding 2 hundred milligrams (MG) per liter (L) (200 mg/l) and concentrations of TSS exceeding 2 hundred forty milligrams per liter (240 mg/l), shall be subject to the following monthly surcharge, effective January 1, 2003:

  •  BOD surcharge $ 0.30/pound
  •  TSS surcharge $0.24/pound 

Surcharge Formula

Pounds of BOD and TSS to be used in the application of these surcharges shall be calculated according to the following formula: (Sewer Volume (100 cubic feet) times Concentration of BOD (200 times milligrams per liter) or TSS (240 milligrams per liter)(100 cubic feet) ) divided by 160.3.

Significant industrial users shall not be allowed to pay the surcharges within this section in lieu of pretreatment unless allowed under the terms of the users industrial waste discharge permit.

In addition to standard sewer usage charges and the surcharges herein, significant industrial users shall be required to pay the city's actual cost of testing such discharges.

Charges For Toxic Pollutants

Any person discharging toxic pollutants to the system shall pay for such increased costs of managing the effluent or sludge by the sewer treatment works. Charges shall be as deemed necessary by the city of recovered and increased costs.

Sanitary Sewage Facilities

If any lot, parcel of land or premises, which discharges sewerage or industrial waste in the sanitary sewer system, either directly or indirectly, obtains water used thereon from sources other than water facilities of the city, then in such case the city shall permit the discharge of such sewage or industrial wastes into its sanitary sewage facilities, when the owner of such lot, parcel of land or premises or some other interested party shall, at his expense, install and maintain water meters meeting accepted standards of measurement or install a sewage flow meter and recorder meeting accepted measurement standards. Such meters shall be installed so as to measure water consumed or wastes discharged on such lot, a parcel of land or premises and the charges and rates for services shall be based upon the aggregate quantity of water received or discharged as measured by appropriate meters at the rates specified for sewer service only.

Water/Wastewater/Sewer Rates effective for bills issued after January 1.