City of Batavia Benchmarks

The Engineering Division maintains a list of benchmarks maintained by the city. Please contact the Engineering Division at 630-454-2750 for additional information about City Benchmarks near your project site. The City of Batavia requires all projects to be tied into the benchmark system provided by the Engineering Division.

There are additional resources for benchmarks within the city, these include county, state and federal sources and can be found online.

City of Batavia Benchmarks
  • BM 101 - N Island Ave (City Hall North Parking Lot)
  • BM 102 - Western Ave (Braeburn Park and Preserve)
  • BM 103 - Millview Dr (Millview Park Near Moose Lodge)
  • BM 104 - Wind Energy Pass (Wind Energy Park)
  • BM 105 - Viking Dr (H. Michael Wild Park)
  • BM 106 - Wade Ln (Across from Grace McWayne School)